You are most welcome to this page Called Fulfillment page.
A place where all round break through awaits you to welcome you into your own fulfillment . All that is done here is getting our mind use to God’s word that it becomes part of us thereby helping us to take certain actions that will help us step into our fulfillments. When God called Joshua, He instructed him to think and talk about His word to the extends that it will become a part of him and them he will see God’s word manifesting in his life in the direction of prosperity and good success.

Beloved, I want to encourage you to join us this week as we think and talk on Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. If God can create the heavens and the earth from nothing then He can also create joy for me in place of the sorrowful circumstances people has created for me
Our God is the oldest and wisest father who knows and understands how to handle any issues, seen or unseen.

If He was involved in the beginning of this great and wonderful world that we all live in then, He certainly knows the solution to all our problems. This week, I will address myself as a victor and not a victim, As a success and not a failure because I have the creator of the universe living inside of me. So when you lay down keep meditating on the fact that you are a winner, a victor, a success and a carrier of blessings and when you wake up every morning, address yourself as a winner, a success, a victor, a carrier of blessings. May God Almighty strengthen you as you enter into this flight of fulfillment.

Rev. Blessing A.B.O & Evang. Mrs Franca Ogbonmwan.

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