Here, in C.A.C.G.M. faith Works center, we have made effort to create an environment that will accommodate people from all works of life as there is no Jew nor Greek in the sight of God: We are all one in the presence of God and so we should be able to worship together for we are children of one family. Heirs of the father and joint heir with the son.

If you will like to join us, I would encourage you to take advantage of our new members’ class, which normally holds on a Saturday afternoon from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm. In this class, you will learn about the operation of the church, our visions, programs, and policies, and the benefits that you can receive as a member, so that you can have a sense of belonging to this family of God.

As you continue to worship with us, you will learn from assimilating, why the church is called FAITH WORKS CENTER. It is God’s will that you should live a life free from all of life’s problems, such as sin, poverty, sickness, curses, setbacks, non-achievement, marital problems, depressions, confusion, and all forms of demonic oppressions.We are here to help you discover how you can build up your faith that will take you to a level where you will no longer be a victim but A VICTOR


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